Introduction to Blackjack

The introduction of online casinos was huge around the world. Several years ago, live dealer casino games were introduced – and they have grown in popularity as technology has increased. This form of gambling allows players to experience the same excitement as a real casino atmosphere, only from the comfort of their own home. Visit for more information.

Live dealer blackjack is especially popular amongst those who are learning as they are able to practice smart strategies without being distracted by other players or from the noise of the casino around them.

Entwine Tech is a designer and live dealer technology provider that is based in Manila. They were founded in 2004 and now offer live dealer games to over 70 operators around the world. There games including blackjack amongst others such as roulette, baccarat, and sicbo.

When playing online, players don’t have to worry about a cartoon character dealing there blackjack cards. Instead, they come face-to-face with an actual blackjack dealer. This provides a more real environment that makes it easier to feel like a person is sitting inside of a casino. The dealer can talk with them and interact in the same fashion as a regular casino, though a person is seated in their own home.

Entwine Tech has recently increased their technology by offering HD cameras at their tables. This introduction has allowed a significant amount of clarity and sharpness to be delivered to all of the different live dealer games played around the world. Players are now able to follow all of the action on the tables in a clear fashion so that they can determine whether they want to hit or stay.

There will be more and more live dealer tables being offered by Entwine Tech, allowing people to sit down at the table and play game in a virtual setting. As the technology increases, it is only a matter of time before other companies decide to take the idea from this company and begin offering their own life dealer tables.

Online gambling is only going to increase over the next several years as technology continues to increase. While casinos are likely always going to be popular, those who are not located near casino or simply prefer to stay at home will have the ability to play in a similar environment. Players will simply be able to create a gambling account, choose a table, and begin to play blackjack – using all of the same strategies as always.